Mantis Elite – Custom USB-C PD LED Controller / Dimmer

I built this LED controller out of necessity to power a Mantis Elite, that I grabbed off of eBay. My Mantis sadly did not come with an arm or power adapter. I however already had a double boom stand from Old School Industries ( and they kindly manufactured me an adapter (OSSP30MM) to mount a Mantis Elite onto their stand. I also had parts laying around to easily make a USB-C LED Dimmer for the Mantis. This is actually a superior setup because then the scope can be swung around instead of it being stationary. This also removes the need for even more power bricks due to the USB-C PD connection.

(I am putting Amazon links, but these parts can be purchased at 6x less from Ali Express if you do not mind waiting for shipping from China.)

Block Diagram