Roland BN-20 Service Application v2.3.0.0, Printer PassCode / Identification PassCode bypass patch

Roland chose to neuter the BN-20 printer by making it consumer unrepairable. However they just published the service application v2.3.0 used by dealers on their European website. They also chose to have a very crappy security system to try and lock people out of the printer settings/service app. Here is how you get it:

  1. Go to:
  2. Create an account (They have some stupid questions, but I just put “0” everywhere.)
  3. Register your printer (You will need your printer serial number, answer some stupid questions again)
  4. Select the printer you registered… and there it is:
  5. Once you have the service app installed, download the patch and run it as admin (or give user write permission to “C:\Program Files (x86)\Roland DG Corporation\Service Application BN-20\Service Application for BN-20”)
  6. Once the patch is installed the “Identification PassCode” no longer matters.
  7. You can now change the Ink type and change a bunch of other settings

Here is the patch 🙂

Decompiled / modified via dnSpyEx v6.4.0 and patched via WCRPatcher